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IWC Aquatimer Automatic

Prices of the Speedmaster Reduced are not as low as a few years ago, unfortunately. The Omega Speedmaster Reduced price starts around €1,600. If you want the box and papers included, be prepared to pay a bit more. And while there are loads of excellent Speedy Reduced coming out of Japan, be mindful of additional import fake rolex yachtmaster blue duties charged on top of the sale price. Another interesting thing is that there are some very nice variations of the Speedmaster Reduced worth checking out. A pre-owned Moonwatch (311replica watches Rolex Air King., 3570.50, 3590.50 or 145.0022 etc.) is still about €1,200 Euro more than that (starting prices).

Movement height: 3.6 mm
Diamater: 15.5 lines (35.2 mm)

Citizen Tsuyosa

A go-to workhorse
The term “workhorse” might sound cliché at this point. How many times have we heard the term “workhorse movement”??But here, it takes on its real meaning. Would one of these be my go-to piece for a trip into my Norwegian woods? Probably, and even for a spot of mountaineering. When used for its intended purpose, it does feel like a reinvented field watch. Of course, you could fit a mechanical movement within the large breitling navitimer datora replica case. But, this is about tough reliability, not craftsmanship. The 6S21 quartz caliber from Miyota is this watch what a basic mechanical caliber would be in a ’50s tool watch. replica Rolex And at $425, I would say this is pretty darn good value for a rugged wrist-buddy. It’s one that might just inspire you to venture further into the unexplored wilderness of your choosing. The new Workhorse also features a 120m depth rating and comes with a 10-year warranty to boot. Check it out in both colors on the Vero website.


Despite what I said above, I like the way the Sector GMT looks overall. It’s inviting and very toolish, and the most impressive thing is the quantity of lume that the indices hold. Nodus went as far as luming the Arabic numerals on the GMT scale. The Nodus logo that appears at the top of the GMT sale is not lumed, and the “12” at the bottom had to make space for the date aperture. Speaking of which, I love the integration of the date at 6 o’clock as it is beveled and framed. Nodus also more or less color-matched the disc to the dial color. The date disc is just a bit darker than the dial, which makes reading the date printed in white easier.?

Color me happy

Meanwhile in Firenze

As I’ve noted, Rolex is a black box when it comes to finances. Some people, however, have succeeded in painting a partial picture of what sort of money Rolex is working with. Rolex conservatively generates around five billion US dollars in sales each year. This number is likely to be much higher in the last bestreplica watches couple of years considering Rolex’s explosion in popularity. An estimated 30% profit margin puts Rolex’s annual profits at over $1.5 billion. Rolex spent an estimated 56 million dollars in 2019 on marketing alone. Within these contexts, one million towards activism is a fart in the wind — inconsequential.

But, as I said, I never said goodbye to the thought of owning a Rolex altogether. There are some models that I would love to own and wear. The reasons for them are both personal and best replica omega watches universal to all watch fans. To start with the latter, I wrote another article last year with five reasons why you need a Rolex and five reasons why you don’t.?“Needing” one is obviously a little bit of an exaggeration. I certainly don’t need one and neither do you. But looking back at the reasons why you would “need” one, I wholeheartedly agree with reasons 1 through 4 if you already have set your sights on a new watch. So let’s jump in and find out what five Rolex models I would consider buying in the current market. And who knows? Prices might come down even further.

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